071 – Brand Humanizing and Artificial Intelligence

Ferry Hoes and Jonathan Flores are the founders for Brand Humanizing (https://brandhumanizing.com). With Brand Humanizing they do research for other companies in fields like Artificial Intelligence. This research revolves mostly around the human part in these new and exciting technologies. We talk all about AI, and how the government plays a role in these technologies. […]

053 – The Science Behind Data Science

Sanne Menning is a Data Scientist for Albert Heijn (https://www.ah.nl). In this podcast we discuss about what a Data Scientist does, but also interestingly enough a bit of neuroscience as well. Another topic is AI and if it’s a hype or not. Enjoyed this podcast? You will also like the one I did with Niels […]

038 – The future of AI, AR and All Things Technological

Peet Sneekes is Creative Consultant at Mirabeau (https://www.mirabeau.com). He has a really unique view of how technology will evolve in the future and loves to talk about it. In this podcast we discuss all things technological. Subjects are things like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain and Human Centered design. Did you enjoy this podcast? You […]