048 – Climbing Mount Everest and Building a Social Enterprise

Niels van Buren is one of the owners of Swink (, a very special agency specialized in providing marketing and data services. His agency is special because they employ people with autism, because of their unique abilities to focus on specific tasks and analytical skills. We also go into him climbing the Mount Everest, after […]


047 – Education and Data with The Next School

Quinten Smit is the Co-Founder for The Next School (, a company specialised in data services for schools. In this podcast we discuss about how this data can be used, but also the future of education. Enjoyed this podcast? You will also like the one I did with Eddie Custovic from the BH Futures Foundation.


Analyzing images using AWS Rekognition

In my last blog you could read about setting up a serverless microservice and in this blog I would like to also touch on something serverless. Image analysis is a complex an tedious process and requires a lot of machine learning to get right, but fortunately Amazon has a solution for this called Rekognition. It’s […]