075 – Tech, Evangelism and Remarkable People with Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki (https://guykawasaki.com/) is the Chief Evangelist for Canva, Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador and author of many books, including his new book Wise Guy. We talk about all kinds of things like being an Tech Evangelist, his new book, but also his amazing podcast called Remarkable People. A big shoutout goes to Zachariah Moreno from Squadcast […]

052 – How to Accelerate a Startup with Rockstart

Rune Theill is the CEO and Co-Founder for Rockstart (https://rockstart.com), a startup accelerator in The Netherlands. We talk about their beginnings, what a accelerator does for startups in their program but also what makes a successful startup. Enjoyed this podcast? You will also like the one I did with Ohad Gilad from Keadyn.

047 – Education and Data with The Next School

Quinten Smit is the Co-Founder for The Next School (www.thenextschool.nl), a company specialised in data services for schools. In this podcast we discuss about how this data can be used, but also the future of education. Enjoyed this podcast? You will also like the one I did with Eddie Custovic from the BH Futures Foundation.

045 – Security and Identity with Auth0

Ado Kukic is Developer Evangelist Lead at Auth0 (https://auth0.com). Auth0 is an identity provider that integrates within your application, so you don’t need to create that yourself. We talk about the advantages of using an identity provider and where online security will go in the future. One interesting project is for example Webauthn, which we […]