078 – The Future of Football with the KNVB

Giel Kirkels is Captain of Innovation and Knowledge Development at the KNVB (https://knvb.com). In this podcast we will discuss the future of the most popular sport in the world: football. We talk all about the new KNVB Campus, testing new rules, improvements on the VAR and also how they use data to create competition schedules […]

077 – The Future of Remote Working with Remote.com

Job van der Voort is the Co-Founder for Remote.com. With Remote.com, companies can hire people in different parts of the world, without having their own company based in that specific country. All of this is done remotely, and the company pays a fee to remote.com. In this podcast we discuss how they do this, but […]

062 – Growing Cultured Meat with Mosa Meat

Tim van de Rijdt is Chief Business Officer at Mosa Meat (https://www.mosameat.com/). Having worked for over ten years at Google, Tim found a new mission, cultured meat. Mosa Meat produced the first cultured meat burger back in 2013 costing 250.000 EUR. We also talk about Tim’s previous job at Google, and why he left to […]