078 – The Future of Football with the KNVB

Giel Kirkels is Captain of Innovation and Knowledge Development at the KNVB (https://knvb.com). In this podcast we will discuss the future of the most popular sport in the world: football. We talk all about the new KNVB Campus, testing new rules, improvements on the VAR and also how they use data to create competition schedules […]

077 – The Future of Remote Working with Remote.com

Job van der Voort is the Co-Founder for Remote.com. With Remote.com, companies can hire people in different parts of the world, without having their own company based in that specific country. All of this is done remotely, and the company pays a fee to remote.com. In this podcast we discuss how they do this, but […]

076 – Diversity and Inclusion with the Do Good Only Company

Caroline Williams is the Founder for the Do Good Only Company (https://dogoodonly.nl). With her company, they provide tech courses for underrepresented groups like women and immigrants. Their courses focus on things like Data Science and Analytics. In this podcast we discuss what they do as a company but also why it’s extremely important to diversify […]

075 – Tech, Evangelism and Remarkable People with Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki (https://guykawasaki.com/) is the Chief Evangelist for Canva, Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador and author of many books, including his new book Wise Guy. We talk about all kinds of things like being an Tech Evangelist, his new book, but also his amazing podcast called Remarkable People. A big shoutout goes to Zachariah Moreno from Squadcast […]

074 – The Internet of Touch with TU Delft

Venkatesha Prasad is Associate Professor at TU Delft (Technical University of Delft). He has been involved in something they call Internet of Touch, which wants to bring more tactile applications through the Internet. We also talk about his upbringing in India and his fascination with all things technological. Enjoyed this podcast? You will also like […]

073 – Bringing Tech to Sensitive Communities with TechGrounds

Ruben Nieuwenhuis is Director at TechGrounds (https://techgrounds.nl). With TechGrounds they are bringing education in Technology, for example courses in AWS to sensitive communities in The Netherlands. We talk all about how they have setup their programs, how they are funded but also what the big difference is between them and traditional schooling. Enjoyed this podcast? […]

072 – Blockchain Development with Bitcoin Bay

Edward Buchi is the Co-Founder for Bitcoin Bay (https://bitcoinbay.ca). Bitcoin Bay is a Toronto-based company that specialises in creating solutions built upon blockchain. In this podcast we go into how blockchain as a technology can be used, the cryptocurrency market and the need for new tools like IDE’s and SDK’s for blockchain development. Enjoyed this […]

071 – Brand Humanizing and Artificial Intelligence

Ferry Hoes and Jonathan Flores are the founders for Brand Humanizing (https://brandhumanizing.com). With Brand Humanizing they do research for other companies in fields like Artificial Intelligence. This research revolves mostly around the human part in these new and exciting technologies. We talk all about AI, and how the government plays a role in these technologies. […]