073 – Bringing Tech to Sensitive Communities with TechGrounds

Ruben Nieuwenhuis is Director at TechGrounds (https://techgrounds.nl). With TechGrounds they are bringing education in Technology, for example courses in AWS to sensitive communities in The Netherlands. We talk all about how they have setup their programs, how they are funded but also what the big difference is between them and traditional schooling. Enjoyed this podcast? […]

033 – Creating Software Solutions with Merapar

Bart van Raalte is Technology Principal at Merapar (merapar.com), which focusses on creating software solutions and architectures for their clients. Merapar is based in The Netherlands, Poland, France and the UK. We talk about how using services from AWS (Amazon Web Services) can dramatically reduce startup costs and creating Proof-of-Concepts. The huge deal being that […]