078 – The Future of Football with the KNVB

Giel Kirkels is Captain of Innovation and Knowledge Development at the KNVB (https://knvb.com). In this podcast we will discuss the future of the most popular sport in the world: football. We talk all about the new KNVB Campus, testing new rules, improvements on the VAR and also how they use data to create competition schedules […]

073 – Bringing Tech to Sensitive Communities with TechGrounds

Ruben Nieuwenhuis is Director at TechGrounds (https://techgrounds.nl). With TechGrounds they are bringing education in Technology, for example courses in AWS to sensitive communities in The Netherlands. We talk all about how they have setup their programs, how they are funded but also what the big difference is between them and traditional schooling. Enjoyed this podcast? […]

072 – Blockchain Development with Bitcoin Bay

Edward Buchi is the Co-Founder for Bitcoin Bay (https://bitcoinbay.ca). Bitcoin Bay is a Toronto-based company that specialises in creating solutions built upon blockchain. In this podcast we go into how blockchain as a technology can be used, the cryptocurrency market and the need for new tools like IDE’s and SDK’s for blockchain development. Enjoyed this […]

071 – Brand Humanizing and Artificial Intelligence

Ferry Hoes and Jonathan Flores are the founders for Brand Humanizing (https://brandhumanizing.com). With Brand Humanizing they do research for other companies in fields like Artificial Intelligence. This research revolves mostly around the human part in these new and exciting technologies. We talk all about AI, and how the government plays a role in these technologies. […]

070 – Remote Podcasts with SquadCast

Zach Moreno is the Co-Founder for SquadCast (https://squadcast.fm), a very interesting application that makes it easy for podcasters to conduct interviews remotely in high-quality. In this podcast we’ll of course discuss SquadCast, but also the state of podcasting and what the future will hold. We’ll hear all about how to build your audience and also […]

069 – Building Your Network with LinkedIN

Marcel Molenaar is the Country Manager Benelux at LinkedIN (https://linkedin.com). In this podcast we discuss how you can use the tools provided by LinkedIN to not only network with other but also learn and improve yourself. Marcel shares his tips and creative ways that people are using their social network to better build their brand, […]

068 – Social Media and Getting Back Focus with Brian Solis

Brian Solis (https://briansolis.com) is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders in business innovation. As a digital analyst, anthropologist, and futurist, he studies disruptive technology and its impact on business and society. More so, through his research reports, articles and books, he humanizes technology’s causal effect to help people see people differently […]

067 – Self-Steering Teams with Enrise

Hermen Heinen is the Founder and Owner of Enrise (https://enrise.com/). Enrise provides professional development services and does so by a pretty unique model within their company. A few years ago they changed to a way of organising they call ‘self-steering’ teams. This basically means there is no central management, and the teams have to do […]

066 – Building an Agency with DotControl

Mark Landman is the Co-Founder of DotControl (https://dotcontrol.com), a large digital agency in The Netherlands with more than 90 digital creatives, developers and growth hackers. We talk about their challenges in the last 19 years they have been in business and how they brought professionalism in their agency. Some other topics we cover are Quantum […]

065 – Digital Transformation with Transavia

Rik Farenhorst is the CIO at Transavia (https://transavia.com). Transavia is a big Dutch airliner that focuses on the customer and does so with digital innovations. In this podcast we discuss how Transavia made the change to a more flat organisation for their IT and how Rik played a role in this transformation. We also talk […]