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Mark Landman, DotControl

Mark Landman, DotControl

Mark Landman is the Co-Founder for DotControl, a large agency within The Netherlands with more than 90 professionals.

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Hermen Heinen, Enrise

Hermen Heinen, Enrise

Hermen Heinen is Founder at Enrise. A company that focuses on delivering software development.

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064 – Being a CEO with Phill Robinson from Exact

Phill Robinson is the CEO of Exact (https://exact.com). Exact is a large software company operating in multiple companies, providing software for accounting and bookkeeping. We also talk about his diagnosis and coming out to having Parkinsons very publicly. With his website http://www.stirrednotshaking.com/ he is also trying to remove the stigma of having to hide the…

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063 – Surf Holidays with SurfaWhile

Olmo van Beurden is the Co-Founder of SurfaWhile (https://www.surfawhile.com/). SurfaWhile provides unique surf experiences through their website. We talk about how they got started, and how big of a role content marketing was in building out their brand. We also talk about their niche market, and how to keep innovating within that market to stay…

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