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024 – Startup Investment with Keadyn

Ohad Gilad is the co-founder at Keadyn, an investment company that invests in numerous technological startups. He is also one of the founders of WeTechRotterdam, a startup hub that tries to bring together startups from... Read More
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023 – How to grow and scale a digital agency

Paul Manuel is one of the founders of Dept, a large full-service digital agency. They have grown a lot over the last few years, buying companies with different focusses and bringing them al together in... Read More
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022 – Company cultures in a banking world

Ron Kersic is Enterprise Architect at ING, and in his role primarily revolves around helping creating a company culture that is rooted in platform thinking. He is also co-author of the ING platform architecture curriculum.... Read More
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017 – Anything for a smile at Coolblue

Paul de Raaij is Technology Lead at Coolblue. Coolblue is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in The Netherlands and Belgium. We talk about everything from how they organize their teams to what they use... Read More

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Why and how I started the Bits vs Bytes podcast

Around July of 2018 I started looking at doing a podcast, one of the reasons being that I had just discovered the phenomenon of listening to podcasts in my commute to work. I was amazed about how much quality content there is available in podcasts of 30 to 60 minutes.