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007 – Booking your business trips by chat

Pepijn Schoen is CTO at Voya (https://voya.ai) and they offer booking business travel through a conversational interface. In this podcast, we cover how it is working in the airline business but also the work with... Read More
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006 – Revolutionising buildings with technology

Roger Tan is Associate Director at UNStudio. Roger is leading UNSense an arch tech company founded at the beginning of this year by Ben van Berkel (Founder UNStudio/ Principal Architect). UNSense designs and integrates human-centered... Read More
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005 – Personalising news and voice at RTL Nieuws

Marjolein van der Aar is Project Manager Innovation at RTL Nieuws (Dutch RTL). She has worked on some interesting projects like personalising news and using voice assistents to provide a new content channel. If you... Read More

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Why and how I started the Bits vs Bytes podcast

Around July of 2018 I started looking at doing a podcast, one of the reasons being that I had just discovered the phenomenon of listening to podcasts in my commute to work. I was amazed about how much quality content there is available in podcasts of 30 to 60 minutes.