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Carmit Glik, Cogoport

Carmit Glik, Cogoport

Carmit Glik is the CEO and Managing Director for Cogoport in Europe. In this podcast we discuss the challenges the shipping sector faces.

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Rune Theill, Rockstart

Rune Theill, Rockstart

Rune Theill is the CEO and Co-Founder for Rockstart, a startup accelerator in The Netherlands. We talk about their beginnings, what a accelerator does for startups in their program but also what makes a successful startup.

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3 Leadership Lessons Learned Watching a Video on Cars

Browsing YouTube in my downtime I came across a video with Christian von Koenigsegg. Von Koenigsegg, founder and CEO of Koenigsegg, builds some of the craziest, beautiful, high-performance cars in the world. As someone with an interest in leadership, the video was fascinating for multiple reasons described below. What kind of leadership lessons can we…

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